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L.a. Symphony

The End Is Now

L.a. Symphony

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why even try
its time to die
the hell of myself is enough to defy
thoughts and plans of the next man and neighbor
its all in the hands of us now you catch its vapor
its been on this boat long enough to float
through hurricane winds and in the end still provoke
thoughts to actions actions to flyline
ive heard a few things
its the beauty of mindgear
'sides much upfront as you possibly can
a handshake aint nothing but the shake of two hands
business is business and friends are friends
whenever mixed the two and if you do their bound to end
its sour notes for sour songs
and about the hope but i hope for the wrong
see im all about the truth and the few that i trust
so close to your dome
the wisdom discussed


who wears the crown
came to tear your kingdom down
you rule the wild
how we 'bout to rule the town
you running now
go ahead hide yourself
hold your pride
we'll leave you with nothing else
the end is now x8

its gun denied to take your bazooka
its head to head combat or just simply shootcha
its the principle
its the wages of war
its all of our battle
more decept to the scoreboard
its no more words
its quite your death
its heavy breathing till theres no breath left
its peace and rest its
six feet deep
its your only strong and your weakest link
its no time to think
go with your first line
its too late to turn back
we've crossed enemy lines
its the climb of a lifetime without a rope
its no more notes
its no more hope
its to outvote the rest with jury to rule
its to be entertained by magicians and fools
its to throw the the riches the kingdom and jewels
its the last man standing that won the duel


i aint even playin with these fools no more
kick down the closed door
teach em what it shows for
no more hos or throw your hands up
nor any othere party and junk we're known for
just a core of mc's a line for war
and when its time for war the crew that aint signed no more
the hungriest sharks will see your cut throats
so overboard throw you overboard see if your butt floats
and whether or not the weather is hot
together we got a spot
so dont leave your soul alone to rot
we've been known to rock
till the ceiling falls
sampson on his tracks
we'll be seein y'all
its the end of the line
boogie with your own kind
may i remind you of the crew from time to time
against y'all bringin the ruckus and in time
hundred and ten times
faster the fact by end times


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