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The Vengeance


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Much fear,
Much horror,
Much bleeds,
A true end,

Sky in flames
Darkened sun
Moon in blood
Rain of lava

The fields open up and the wild beasts emerge,
Dragons with voice of thunder clamour murder,
Seas and polluted rivers of gold and asufre
Screams of blasphemy spit torturing paradises,


Mountains in earth quake
They threaten to be hells,
Forests and deserts,
They give life to millons of snakes,

The air is dark and with fever of demencia
Smoke of oven forms constellations of orgy
Lobsters infect the roads of the great city,
All the tribes of the earth will suffer the colera

In the underground nests, cries of chakal,
It is the famele wolf, the Antichrist is born,I
Soon it will be vengeance, contaminating all being
And to the children of that, it killed with plague


I feel vengeance
I feel pleasure.

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