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Legions Of Beelzebub


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Single histories of destruction?
Single apocalyptic facts?
Again they unite the man and the beast
With the idea of exterminating
The demoniac legions
Make armies around the world
And I e at art of black magic
Born the fields of the death

Legions Of Beelzebub

Tablets as in cradle of pigs
You kill them they clamour mercy
Screams of desperation
They predict the final sigh
Bodies in total malnutrition
Scent to bornt and insolent meat
Left eyes with look ultratomb
They predict the final trial

Legions Of Beelzebub

There is no longer escape
The torture bleeds and death
Cannot be avoided
Vengeance satanic taking the power
God has never existed
The humanity's in flames
And hung for the evilusion
We will be food for worms

Satan destroys!!!

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