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Let me tell the story, the way it used to be
You were one of a million people, I gave it to you my own liberty
Turnin' back these pages, now I clearly see
How you loved me whenever you wanted,
but more that that you loved to be free
There's a vioce in my heart and it's callin' me back to you
But I can't go back, I must be free, break these chains in the name of
I gave it all to you my destiny,
Oh liberty, I wish that you would take it back from me
I never promised you a guarantee,
Oh liberty, you'll never know how much it means to me
As I read your letters, it's there in black and white
I know you never meant to hurt me and in my heart I know that you're right
And in this age of reason, I'll try to let it be
I know anything can happen when it comes to liberty
There's a voice...
One day you'll remember, when you're no longer free
When you're tied around somebody's finger
You'll think about what you said to me...
There's a voice...

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