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Kelleigh Bannen

Be a Man

Kelleigh Bannen

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I hear you turn the key
I hear you close the door
I recognize your face
Don’t know you anymore
You played the part so well
That’s what hurts like hell

Is not the things you do
Is all the things you don’t
Every time you’re hommie
You’re waiting to let go
Here i am
Do it if you can

It takes a man to love me like you did
It takes a man to call it as it is
It takes a man to do the right thing
When everything is falling apart
Come on and be a man
Be a man and break my heart!

Don’t make me say it first
Don’t make me have to ask
You wanna watch this burn
Don’t make me strike the match
Come on and be the bad guy
Come on and say goodbye

Don’t just leave me at broken hearted
Go on and finish what you started
Bring the hurt
I need a feeling
To make sure i believe it

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