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Keel tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Don't Say You Love Me (tradução)", "Somewhere in the Night (Fair Game) (tradução)", "Because The Night (tradução)".

364 acessos

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  1. 4th Of July
  2. Arm And a Leg
  3. Back To The City
  4. Because The Night
  5. Because The Night (tradução)
  6. Calm Before The Storm
  7. Chacarera Del Changuito
  8. Cherry Lane
  9. Don't Say You Love Me
  10. Don't Say You Love Me (tradução)
  11. Dreams Are Not Enough
  12. Easier Said Than Done
  13. Electric Love
  14. Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty
  15. Franco Peletti
  16. Get Down
  17. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  18. Hit The Ground Running
  19. I Said The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl
  20. If Love Is A Crime (i Wanna Be Convicted)
  21. It's A Jungle Out There
  22. Just Another Girl
  23. King Of The Rock
  24. Lara Herrera
  25. Let's Spend The Night Together
  26. Live
  27. Martina Rudelli
  28. Melisa Escoriza
  29. Nayla Danchuk
  30. No Pain No Gain
  31. Princess of illusion
  32. Proud To Be Loud
  33. Quero Te Amar
  34. Raised On Rock
  35. Reason To Rock
  36. Rock And Roll Animal
  37. So Many Girls, So Little Time
  38. So Many Good Ways To Be Bad
  39. Somebody's Waiting
  40. Somewhere in the Night (Fair Game)
  41. Somewhere in the Night (Fair Game) (tradução)
  42. Speed Demon
  43. Tears of Fire
  44. The Final Frontier
  45. The Right To Rock
  46. United Nations
  47. You're The Victim (I'm The Crime)

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