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99 percent of minds won't relate
Ignore the reflection in the blade

Incomes something between us
Long overdue I'll keep my distance
Let it sink in somewhat relieved
Together show em why we do this
Remind me again what is my reward
You get out what you put in
Finally you'll hear what I hear feel what I feel
See what I see priceless expression chin up don't restrain

Afraid of what's to come
I move with a pattern immature
No comfort in what I've done
What else will I endure
Known for my tough skin
It covers me nothing sacred
What we got so unexpected this is my choice I accept it

I will find a way
I will continue my search for the perfect balance
From out of nowhere you let out what you kept from everyone
I go numb it's something personal
So fragile we take for granite
So pathetic how we handle ourselves
Cleanse me explain my vision
Christ you've overstayed your welcome

Don't call don't send who's your servant
Search efforts and unsuccessful
Sounds so familiar but I can't describe
The force it would take to change my mind

Give credit to your crutch
No feat like defeat
All this hype leads to relapse
To easy just another stat
The output stays the same

Control the white let out the red
Irony is killing a friend
Keep your eyes on the prize
Simplicity wins
All in the end

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