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Kadath tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Reign Of Inner Pain", "Stalking The Prey: Chapter Iv Of Chikatilo", "The Investigation: Chapter 3 Of "chikatilo"".

95 acessos

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  1. A Fateful Vision Of Our Ruin
  2. A Monster Revealed: Chapter Vi Of Chikatilo
  3. Abusing The Innocents
  4. Burnt Alive In a Barn
  5. Disturbance In My Nocturnal Domain
  6. False Confession: Chapter 2 Of "chikatilo"
  7. Glorifying Destructive Sexuality
  8. Into The Labyrinths Of Deviance
  9. Paradise For Perverts
  10. Reign Of Inner Pain
  11. Stalking The Prey: Chapter Iv Of Chikatilo
  12. The Devil Of Rostov: Chapter 1 Of "chikatilo"
  13. The Investigation: Chapter 3 Of "chikatilo"
  14. The Seven Spheres Of Dante's Inferno
  15. Thirst For Revenge: Chapter V Of Chikatilo
  16. Traumatic Experiences With Horrifying Consequence
  17. Trench Warfare

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