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Josh Martinez

Regular Day

Josh Martinez

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Verse 1
I'm not naming names but right or wrong
Not all ideas are made to get along
Some clash and raise hell along the pathways
Some back up traffic like accidents on highways

the meaning's diluted maybe its muted and beautiful,
lewd and musical, crude, rude or totally unsuitable
a few can roll the dice and touch sky like high rollers but
most spend life pushing boulders with their shoulders.

See purgatory knows us, knows us all too well
She's been dying to find us lying so she can send us back to hell.
au contraire/ mon confrere, you got nerve to spare,
man I got souls to bear and holes to tear so stop staring

so stop caring, even if you can't hold out, hold on
to your heartstrings put a coat on if its cold out
simple rules guide life, those that don't cause strife
suppose you can't hold on, you still gotta pay the price

(I'm shooting bullets at the sun and hiding all my hunger.
i'm leaving for the ocean and i'm taking the train.
I left on an ark and come home in a canoe.
I'm walking my dogs i guess i'm drinking a few,) -bridge

Look out on the window what a regular day
But nothing ever happens in a regular way.
So many words said nothing better to say
So I lay low while I watch the day go by

Verse 2
I chill around the house just waiting to leave,
Living a life left with little left to play make believe
I can honestly say I'm honored to be having your ear,
But I'm getting scared of people, I like to hide out with a beer

Hear a lot stories about how people are moved,
Shit I've been moved touched discovered disproved
Blew through roofs, touched sky and spit truths
The lies tasted good but still you bit right through em

I do things and stuff, it ain't easy but sho nuff
The breeze be feeling real good right now and how
I'm in a live band called the pissed off wild
We'll punch you in the mouth and leave you with a smile

d-d-d-Down with pants up with skirts
Do a little dance and spit a quick verse
We Party til it hurts and then a little more
Party til the cops kick down the back door

Where do I hide to find piece of mind
When do I know when its time to go
When its time to stay up when your mind is made up,
When you're the last one in line screaming wait up

Engage pages, put the fire in a squire,
To Enflame stages and walk the highwire
Shit they filled the moat with beasts and built the drawbridge
they filled up the prisons and took folks hostage

It's butt ugly and its filthy and its fated to die,
Its huge and disgusting and its killing my high
Get off the dope you damn hippies and get a real job
I'm so happy with my life he screamed as he sobbed

And dreamed of walking off the beaten path but didn't have the heart
Believing he can do anything but don't know where to start
See I meet people and see equal eye to eye like
who and what am I and why I claim a name that isn't mine.

friends know me I'm the homie only I'm known as Matty
not to twist our connection /its just self protection…
See the josh is a symbol, maybe more of a projection,
It's a vessel that I use for crossroads and intersections

Me I breeze through night like dream flight it can't compare,
cause believe it or not, I'm walking on air.
To be numb struck with awe and so cold hearted,
stuck with retarded cards to hold so we folded.

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