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Helicopters & Planes

Josh Kumra

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Would've been nice to have had some kind of warning
Something to prepare me for dock days like this
Would've been in the church early every sunday morning
Now I just can't get off my knee

Still muse is gone the colors fading
Winter came to steal and bankrupt every single
Didn't realize it was always there until was taken
Guess that's a trouble bout me

I close my eyes so pocket carried away
Lift all my hands praying that someone will take me
Some things will be up with me lately
Keep dreaming bout, keep dreaming bout
Helicopters and planes
I spend my nights looking right up the sky
I'm keen right out so so then they come and see me
Something's been up with me lately
Keep dreaming bout dreaming bout
Helicopters and planes

Wait the nation on my shoulders

Keeping my feet on the ground
In the cold what's slowly getting colder
This room feels like a lost and found
Shadows grow and pay me picture
Introduce me in a brand new kind of..
I know I should have never trusted any wizard
And promise em a brand new home


Live life for the moment
My life ain't promise in the morning
I've been..for hopeless
Could depend goes deeper than the ocean
I looked to the sky for a potion
That could wash away the pain of a soldier
So I prayed but I can't stay sober
And I can't blame no one
But my heart beats no love
And I can't sleep sometimes
Every time I dream about the sunshine
I wake up same place stop just case enough

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