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Jon Swift

So Amazing

Jon Swift

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Louder than a thousand cheers
Longer than a million years
You're gonna be the One I live for
You're gonna be the One I adore
Further than the eye can see
I think about it constantly
You're always fillin' up my mind
You're takin' all my time
But all I know
Is this could be the first thing anyone sees
How Your love has overtaken me
And all I have
Is words to tell of what You've done
And I'm reachin' out
Watch out for it
Cause it's coming over me
Your Love is so amazing
Up until the sun won't shine
Even 'til the end of time
You're gonna be the One I run to
I'm runnin' with my arms out to You
When I don't quite understand
Take my heart and take my hand
Show me what I should do
To love more like You
A Love that has no end
No greater Love for a friend
Than to lay your life
A Love that hurts when it has to
A Love that comes to the rescue
A Love for all time

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