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Johnny Restivo

Johnny Restivo

Johnny Restivo tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Dear Someone", "Ya Ya", "Last Night On The Back Porch".

138 acessos

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  1. Boy Crazy
  2. But I Love You
  3. Come Closer
  4. Dear Someone
  5. For Real! No Fooling
  6. Free
  7. Girl Scout
  8. High School Play
  9. I Like Girls
  10. I Make The Love
  11. I Wanna Play House With You
  12. Jealous
  13. Last Night On The Back Porch
  14. Look Around
  15. Looka Here Now
  16. Love
  17. My Reputation
  18. Our Wedding Day
  19. Sweet, Sweet Loving
  20. That's Good! That's Bad!
  21. The Magic Age Is Seventeen
  22. The Shape I'm In
  23. The Thing
  24. Two Crazy Kids
  25. Ya Ya

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