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That's No Hill For A Climber

Johnny Minick Family

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Verse 1:We're always facing battles and it's hard to keep the pace 'cause Satan never lets up in his fight for winning place,but I have the Lord to guide me every step along the way,so when Satan comes against me you can always hear me say
Chorus:That's no hill for a climber,that's no battle for a child of God.Satan's already been defeated and the victory's been won.Jesus won the fight on Calvary when he died for you and me,now Satan get behind me 'cause I claim the victory.
Verse 2:Everytime I try to do a little something for the Lord,Satan tries to block my path and keep me from my goal,but I don't care how high the hills may seem to me today,I'll take my savior by the hand and he'll help me when I say
Repeat Chorus 2x

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