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Johnny Adams

I Can't Be All Bad

Johnny Adams

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Yes, baby
I know, i know
That i made you mad
With something uncalled for
And foolish like i said

But, baby
Please don't leave me
For a little thing
A little thing like that

Cause you know, ohh
I couldn't love you, honey
And be all bad

This is all i want you
To do right now, baby

Look up, wooo, baby
Look a little higher
Baby, oh, yeah
Look over my, look over my
My, my, my wicked ways
That's all you gotta
Do for me, baby

And you'll be so glad
You're gonna see a heart
That beats for you, baby
Like the sun comes up
And glows for days
Yeah, oh, yeah

So, baby
Look over at the
Sweet times we've had
And don't you know i'm a man
And i can't be all bad

Begging you, honey
Oh, you gotta remember right now
That i can't be all bad

Just do it again, do it again
Look over, baby, baby
Oh, you'll see, right now
That i'm your sweet loving man
Oh, yes, i am

Oh, let me tell you that i'm...

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