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John Scott Cree

John Scott Cree

John Scott Cree tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "I do My Thing", "Mao Oo Ma Ma", "Ay de oh ho".

133 acessos

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  1. A superfluous man
  2. Ay de oh ho
  3. Come along me lucky lads (the Louis Boogie)
  4. Dave's Big Issue blues
  5. Days like these
  6. Grievance (no sense)
  7. I do My Thing
  8. I must keep trying
  9. I Saw You At The 100 Club
  10. I'm lumbered with you
  11. Incorrigible
  12. Indirigible
  13. It starts with 'V'
  14. Mao Oo Ma Ma
  15. Mid-life crisis blues
  16. Off the peg
  17. Oh Buddy
  18. Paddy, me bhoy
  19. Pink sunglasses
  20. She's being dumped
  21. Some headlines (such triumphs)
  22. The Isle of Capri
  23. The pith of history
  24. To hear Chuck Berry sing
  25. Underneath a Cajun Moon

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