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Joann Rosario

Joann Rosario

Joann Rosario tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Saciame Señor", "Follow Me/Sigueme", "More, More, More".

172 acessos

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  1. And We Overcome
  2. As I Come Into Your House
  3. Beautiful Son
  4. Beyond
  5. Come On Everybody (Vamos Todos Juntos)
  6. Cuando Reposo En Ti
  7. Follow Me/Sigueme
  8. God
  9. Holy God
  10. I Appreciate
  11. I Hear You Say
  12. If It's Not You
  13. More Than Anything
  14. More, More, More
  15. My Desire
  16. Never the same
  17. Open my eyes Lord
  18. Saciame Señor
  19. Serve You Only
  20. Since You Came My Way
  21. Sing Of Your Goodness
  22. Think of Me
  23. Traces
  24. When I Pray (Interlude)
  25. With All My Heart
  26. You Are Holy
  27. You Mean That Much To Me
  28. Your Consuming Fire

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