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Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Keep Love Goes Drop", "I'm a Girl Alone", "You Will Be My Boy".

163 acessos

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  1. A Handful a Heart
  2. Boy What It Means
  3. Clash On
  4. Did Not Had Let Me Go
  5. Does Not Mean As
  6. Don't End Off Hurt
  7. End Up Breaking
  8. Get True Love
  9. Get Your Head Up
  10. Gotta Off Love
  11. Here Take My Hand
  12. I Love Only You
  13. I Used To Love You
  14. I'm a Girl Alone
  15. I'm Gonna Love
  16. If Traveling With Me
  17. Introducing a New World
  18. It All Ends Here
  19. It Means Nothing
  20. Keep Love Goes Drop
  21. Keep Your Love Away
  22. Lonely Love
  23. Love As It Gets
  24. Love Never Goes Away
  25. Make It Clear
  26. My Heart Flew Away
  27. Off Me
  28. Out Of Love
  29. Own Way To Me
  30. Played Dawn
  31. She Is Not a Ordinary Girl
  32. Since I Have No Heart
  33. Superhero
  34. The Love Hurts
  35. The Outta Here
  36. Turns To You
  37. Waiting Again
  38. You Get Back In Time
  39. You Will Be My Boy
  40. You've Gone From Me

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