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Jesse Winchester

Jesse Winchester

Jesse Winchester tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "I'm Gonna Miss You Girl", "Freewheeler", "Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding".

128 acessos

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  1. Black Dog
  2. Club Manhattan
  3. Evil Angel
  4. Freewheeler
  5. Gentleman of Leisure
  6. I Don't Think You Love Me Anymore
  7. I Wave Bye Bye
  8. I'm Gonna Miss You Girl
  9. Just Like New
  10. Let's Make a Baby King
  11. Loose Talk
  12. No Pride at All
  13. Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding
  14. Stand by Me
  15. Step By Step
  16. Sweet Little Shoe
  17. Sweet Loving Daddy
  18. That's What makes You Strong
  19. Too Weak To Say Goodbye
  20. Wander My Way Home
  21. You Tickle Me

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