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Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris tem o estilo Folk e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Corrina, Corrina", "While The Music Lasts", "One Day The Dam Will Break".

146 acessos

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  1. Come On Back
  2. Corrina, Corrina
  3. Don't Know Why
  4. Don't Know Why
  5. Down
  6. Feel
  7. Holding Your Hand
  8. If You Won't
  9. If You Won't
  10. No More
  11. No Way Out
  12. Nothing's Been Lost
  13. Nothing's Been Lost
  14. One Day The Dam Will Break
  15. Slow Down
  16. Somewhere Down The Road
  17. Still Sleeping
  18. The Secret Sun
  19. The Speed Of Sound
  20. This Is Goodbye
  21. While The Music Lasts
  22. Wild Eyes

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