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When She Cries


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Cant you see? your world is of full of tragedy
A thousand lies , a devil in disguise.
You killed the truth, it tried to run away from you
But now is time... to leave it all behind…

Time after time, night by night
She's been waiting… (home alone)… for you
Day after day ...still she prays
Can't you hear her cry….

When she cries…
Tears break the still of the night
Slowly she dies... lie by lie
When you walk away…she fakes a smile…
Cause you're breaking her heart

Can't you see…you've made her life an agony
She's dead inside.. you see it through her eyes
She stays with you, no matter what else you can do
She knows inside , some day you'll say goodbye…

Pain feels stronger
When you leave her there all alone
It's a suicide...

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