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Jay Farrar

Jay Farrar

Jay Farrar tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Doesn't Have To Be This Way", "Outside The Door", "Feed Kill Chain".

104 acessos

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  1. All Of Your Might
  2. Barstow
  3. Big Sur
  4. Cahokian
  5. California
  6. Dead Promises
  7. Dent County
  8. Direction
  9. Doesn't Have To Be This Way
  10. Feed Kill Chain
  11. Fool King's Crown
  12. Greenwich Time
  13. Hanging On To You
  14. Hard Is The Fall
  15. Heart on the Ground
  16. No Rolling Back
  17. One Fast Move Or I'm Gone
  18. Outside The Door
  19. These Roads Don't Move
  20. Vitamins
  21. Williamine

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