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Jamies Elsewhere

Jamies Elsewhere

Jamies Elsewhere tem o estilo Hardcore e suas músicas de sucesso são: "One Foot In The Grave (tradução)", "Empty Eyes", "Chronicles Of The Bee Keeper (tradução)".

306 acessos

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  1. A Ghost With An Image
  2. A Slave A Son
  3. A Slave A Son (tradução)
  4. Antithesis
  5. Antithesis (tradução)
  6. Back Stabber
  7. Burn Away
  8. Capital Vices
  9. Chronicles Of The Bee Keeper
  10. Chronicles Of The Bee Keeper (tradução)
  11. Closure
  12. Empty Eyes
  13. Giants Among Common Men
  14. Giants Among Common Men (tradução)
  15. Heavy Eyelids, Heavy Hearts
  16. I Didn't Mean To Interrupt
  17. I Didn't Mean To Interrupt (tradução)
  18. In Depth Perception
  19. Just Dance
  20. Late Nights
  21. Late Nights (tradução)
  22. Let's Pretend That We're Giants
  23. Life Ain't Easy When You're A Mythical Creature
  24. Memories Make Good Company
  25. O' The Trophy Bearer
  26. One Foot In The Grave
  27. One Foot In The Grave (tradução)
  28. Out Of Love
  29. Play Me Something Country
  30. Prodigal Son
  31. Rebel Revive
  32. Seasons
  33. Sick Fiction
  34. Sleepless Nights
  35. Sweet Carolina Honey
  36. That Vicious Vixen With The Beard
  37. The Cover Up
  38. The End Of Innocence
  39. The Illusionist
  40. The Lighthouse
  41. The Love Letter Collection
  42. The Mapmaker
  43. The Mapmaker (tradução)
  44. The Politics Of Knife-Fighting
  45. The Prodigal
  46. The Saint, The Sword, And The Savior
  47. They Said A Storm Was Coming
  48. Visions In Sleep
  49. Wolves

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