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James Colin

James Colin tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Chick Cars And The Third World War", "Hate It When I See You Cry", "Get To The Botom".

127 acessos

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  1. Atlanta Moan
  2. Baby It's Cold Outside
  3. Chick Cars And The Third World War
  4. Crazy Over You
  5. Five Long Years
  6. Freedom
  7. Get Carried Away
  8. Get To The Botom
  9. Getting Higher
  10. Going's Good
  11. Hate It When I See You Cry
  12. Hide
  13. I'm Losing You
  14. It Ain't Over Yet
  15. Make A Mistake
  16. My Mind Is On Vacation
  17. Mystery To Me
  18. Of All The Things To Throw Away
  19. Shout Baby Shout
  20. Something Good
  21. Standin On The Edge
  22. Stop Bringing It Down On A Perfect Day
  23. These Arms Of Mine
  24. You And Whose Army