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James Byrd

The Hunted Heretic (When I Was Young)

James Byrd

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When I was young I was a heretic
The ripe goat to kick took-on their power trip
I was infection to them an outcast dog
The hunted martyr I destroyed their God

Take in the air while you can breathe
as I am now soon you will be Hunted

But now that I'm dead I can speak my mind
The blind see the dead but they don't know our kind

See... Take-in the sights while you can see
All that you are will cease to be

Everyone is dead

Everyone she was is gone to the stake
All her glory an empty fake
Drunk with blood she went Heaven sent
All the children starve just to pay her rent

Babylon is fallen she has crushed them all
All... A counterfeit to dread all her love is dead
Kneel... Down to your knees to those who kneel;
Now... You�re wiser than me you make me feel Hunted

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