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Jaguar Love

Jaguar Love

Jaguar Love tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Polaroids and Red Wine", "Vagabond Ballroom", "Bone Trees And A Broken Heart".

107 acessos

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  1. A Prostitute, An Angel
  2. Antoine And Birdskull
  3. Bats Over The Pacific Ocean
  4. Bone Trees And A Broken Heart
  5. Cherry Soda
  6. Don't Die Alone
  7. Evaline
  8. Everything Is Awesome
  9. Freak Out
  10. Georgia Take Me To The Sea
  11. Highways Of Gold
  12. Humans Evolve Into Skyscrapers
  13. I Started A Fire
  14. Jaguar pirates
  15. Jaguar Warriors
  16. My Organ Sounds Like...
  17. Piece of My Heart
  18. Polaroids and Red Wine
  19. Sad Parade
  20. The Man With The Plastic Suns
  21. Up All Night
  22. Vagabond Ballroom
  23. Videotape Seascape

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