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Jaderic Dawson

The Time Has Come

Jaderic Dawson

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How many times must the clock go round
Till i speak to whats on my mind
When will the sun set on the day
I lose my grip on my life.
What words will i use to the
Completer of my soul
What words will i use
When time moves so slow

The time has come for me to
Give you all of my life
You are my world
You are my life
Your are everything that is right
The time has come
The time has come
To show you how i feel
The time has come
The time has come
One strum?.
Your everything, everything that is real

How do i find the lead of my life
Without being lost, i don?t know
When will the piriets within my heart
Stop calling out my name
So i can be a man worthy of your love
When all i want is whats up above

Now i can see
Your everything i need
Now i can hear
You calling after me

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