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Jack McManus

Jack McManus

Jack McManus tem o estilo Pop e suas músicas de sucesso são: "You Think I Don't Care (tradução)", "Amy", "Bang On The Piano (tradução)".

229 acessos

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  1. Amy
  2. Amy (tradução)
  3. Bang On The Piano
  4. Bang On The Piano (tradução)
  5. Either Side of the Midnight
  6. Fine Time To Lose Your Mind
  7. Fly Around the Room
  8. Heart Attack
  9. In the Breeze
  10. Living In A Suitcase
  11. Milky Way
  12. Not The Hardest Part
  13. She's Gone
  14. She's Gone
  15. Too Much of Yesterday
  16. You Can Make It Happen
  17. You Think I Don't Care
  18. You Think I Don't Care (tradução)
  19. You Think I Don't Care

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