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Realm Of The Soulless


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Realm Of The Soulless

Traveling deep down this abyss the realm of the underworld rises as a imponent kingdom where no hope dwells and peace has been eternally forgotten.
As the spiritual condemnation splits the earthly convictions this illusionary vortex grows inside our merciful thoughts.
Descending the lifeless cliffs towards the gates of the thousand abominations this sulphur landscapes reveals us the throne of desolation. Nine stages to die, the beginning of the plague and the feast of souls will entertain the creatures of this cursed dominion.
The Suffering brings vivid memories of the unspeakable acts committed, now they are the victims and no one cares about them. The Agony of all the victims penetrate their bestial hearts like ghosts of a recent past.
The chokes, drillings, cuts and screams shreds their once peaceful minds.
The Punishment brought after these years of multiple murders are gathered like poisoned arrows ready to inflict the most atrocious of all the eviscerations. The Torture begins, the deathgames used on the victims are now performed on them, soon agony shall turn to ecstasy as their soul burns in the lake of fire. The Pain caused by the sulphuric heat soon will soon cook the lost ones while the stench of burnt flesh creates gray clouds of bodyfat. The Molestation starts by beating up their pink roosted flesh with lava torches and wipes made out from sharp broken bones.
The Carnage, massacre of thousands glorifies this hellish atmosphere, praise the almighty punishers, creatures of our nightly fears. The Crucifixion, last attempt to get salvation, the remnants of their bodies are nailed with stonespikes. The last circle of thanatos, Sacrifice, the ultimate redemption a step towards purification. Dive into the river of genesis where the flames will breed their new born souls.

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