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Raped By A Virgin


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Raped By A Virgin

His innocent look and behaviour quiet regular for someone of his age, but he tends to disguise his twisted and depraved ideas. Restless nights wondering about the emotions and feelings of the first time. The fermentation of grizzly and sordid acts, the violation of integrity, the disrespect for another life, all of these thoughts, going around and around inside his head. He can't wait much longer, he feels ready to burst and he turns into a psychopathic animal. So he puts an add in the paper and waits for the perfect answer, he wants it to be memorable and time offered the perfect mate.
They met in his motel room and he strikes her in the head tying her to the bed. Now he will carry his plan like he predicted. First he takes off her clothes and with a bucket of boiling water he disinfects the twatskin, the nightsilence was broken by her agonising screams.
After the cleansing, her over cunt lips were pulled back, a lighted candle drips wax into her guim, he did this repeatedly, to signify each year of her life.
Getting bored, he shoved balled up newspaper downsed in petrol up her hole his lighter and set her on fire. Burning cunt hole will be beyond repair.
The stench of burnt pubic hair infests the shady room creating the kinky ambience for this kind of ritual.
Now that unconsciousness takes over her fingernails are extracted and replaced by dead cockroaches where photos of everyone of these steps are taken.
The arms are opened with scissors and then closed with pins leaving out the bones which are sucked with so much pleasure and then nailed to her hands. The legs are spread and his appetite makes him feel inhuman, like the first dish he starts with the clitoral consumtion, the warm blood stains his face as the smell of it mixed with the vaginal fluids tells him that the time for penetration has come. The first stroke awakes her and as she opens her eyes the sight of this sexivorous mongoloid makes her puke in his face. With this rude reaction he slices her head, while she takes her last breath, and at the same time he grabs it, he cums into her mouth as she closes her eyes forever with this last memory. Severing the head from the body, he walks around the room with her head balanced on his dick!

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