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Narcissistic Skinblade Reflection


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Narcissistic Skinblade Reflection

One more cold night sharpening the blade of my axe thinking about the wonderful visions that it gaves me, for now it's time to do it all over again because my endless thirst for murder hit me again.
Going to the park with my machete covered, acting normal to get someone's attention, it works all the time, these guys are so stupid I've just caught someone to chop into some steaks.
As I swing it his eyes become deadwhite, the blade cuts his head bringing his senseless body down.
I start to mutilate his body in small chunks as my victim's blood on my face increases my anger! To calm down I must see the my reflections on the blade. Just then I remember how goulish and handsome I am. To clean up the blood from the blade I use my semen and by this act I get excited because I'm in love with myself.

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