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Dead Art Collector


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Dead Art Collector

Devious freak, worshiper of dismemberment bring forward your fetish fantasies and shows us the lugubrious creations of your mind. This frightening sight begins at the barn where the vision of severed remains provokes vomiting and profound horror.
Male and female cadavers are hung up by their genitals while drops of blood gather in massive pools at their feet. Bloody spiderwebs congregate upon this playground of death feasting on this hideous snack.
The ceiling covered with meat offers up the stench of putrefaction that arouses the insects to breed inside the mortal remains.
Plastic bags and bottles full of formaldehyde preserve this atrocious chamber of torture. This iniquitous taste for brutality reveals to us the perfectionism of this being as his heart opens to us revealing the coldness he has for our existence. More visits are expected in the local cemeteries and morgues where he seeks his only source of pleasure.

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