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Cult Of Blood


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Cult Of Blood

After dark while the evil procession whispers words of sacrifice upon the old damned ruin.
The winds rejoice with the spirits of the dead.
The summoning of Ariemes, malicious entity of the cannibal world, scrolls are torn by this demonic incantation. Once a graveyard, the ground now begins to revolve.
The tombstones are expelled violently from the ground like boiled flesh coming forth this unic vision of malevolence force awaken after centuries of putrefaction makes his entry upon the altar, where the offering lies awaiting the eternal damnation. In a state of profound trance the fanatic is tied up with hot iron chains on his wrists and murmurs prayers of immortality as his eyes penetrate this phantasmagoric dimension.
The creature unleashes his voracious hunger upon the static body. This moment is blessed by the cult through a frenetic orgy where the leftovers of the sacrificed are consumed greedily. Another cycle of death is finished to give birth to eternal life.

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