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Corpse Reanimation (The Mutants Revenge)


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The ultimate scientific experience by this group of lunatic doctors brought into the daylight the corpses of several dead in order to create brainless mutants. the project intended to breed a new violent pet,
But thanks to a genetic mistake after sometime they turn out to be the perfect killing machines. these responsible for this wacky idea were the first to suffer the consequences as they were the victims of their own mistake. all of them were slashed,
Their meat was transformed into contaminated burgers for consumtion by everyone in the investigation center they turned into mutant zombies. their brains were left in their fleshless skeletons.
Humanity shall no longer grew, a depopulation plan is executed and the stalk begins.
They masturbate upon the graves and their corrosive semen flews underground, once it touches the habitants of the morpheus realm they awake violently and dig their way up already transformed in this deadly species.
The mutants are ruthless and unmerciful, the living are buried feeling at the same time the weight of the ground breaking their spine. after that, the mutants ransack the tombs and eat them. from the dungeons of the old city, the eyes see the devastated fields burning along with the cries of torment. a new reality has born and all the prisoners are condemned to a cannibal slavery.

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