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Let's talk about bitches,
I'm talking 36 24 36 inches
Fellas don't act all politically correct
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have a dick?
That means you like fucking.
A nice tight one to tuck in if you're lucky, bust a nut in
There aint a damn thing wrong with that
There aint a grown man that don't like to hit it from the back

Dudes love pussy
Mmmm bitches love dick
So what you doing sittin there swinging that shit
Hey, dudes love pussy
Mmm bitches love dick
So ge ge ge ge get it girl
Don't fucking quit.

When it feel like rihanna got It beaten up
So girl just call me when you need to fuck
And ill chris brown that pus for a couple of days
Goin at it in the ally like a couple of strays
Ella ella eh ella eh
Fuck you want from me lady
Want from me lady
We aint goin shoppin you aint getting off on me lady
You look like you know how to operate the V
Cooperate with me and you'll cop a lot of D
In the AM (am!) PM(pm!)
Im runnin up in prison getting out like I was theivin
L to the K to the D to the N
From the S to the X get a t bring a friend
Get it wet keep it tight ladies know what I mean
Is there any more room room room in them jeans hey

Dudes love pussy
Mmmm Bitches love dick
We getting older we be pissin on hoes bitch

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