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Love Is Hell

Grim Faeries

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I woke up in the middle of the night
And my body was on fire
It displayed a bizarre light
of visions dancing on a wire
I looked in the 7 year mirror
For a televised vision
The message had never been clearer
This is not superstition!

Love is hell
Love is hell
if you've been burned
well I could hardly tell
once you fall
under that spell
you'll believe
Love is hell

I've seen in you my darling
So much to my surprise
A wicked witches' snarling
A devil in disguise
cupids arrow the hottest flame
the Coldest tempest of the heart
play ring around the rose of blame
Now all together
Fall apart

Come inside of me
now get the hell away from me
please don't go
don't you still love me
you have been the best
you need to know you are the worst
I want you to go to hell
but get over here and fuck me first.

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