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Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa tem o estilo Post-Rock e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Young And Old (tradução)", "First Mile, Last Mile", "Jeroen Van Aken".

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  1. Abutting, Dismantling
  2. Ain Leuh
  3. Du Meine Leise
  4. Even Numbers
  5. First Mile, Last Mile
  6. Jeroen Van Aken
  7. Lessening
  8. Makeshift Shelters
  9. O
  10. OO
  11. Pseudonyms
  12. The Adolescent
  13. These Points Balance
  14. Untitled3
  15. Young And Old
  16. Young And Old (tradução)

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