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Greg Trooper

Lonely Pair

Greg Trooper

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You got your feelings hurt
Once again coming home from work
You know I did too
Got 'em hurt by you

We yelled like little kids
At the stupid little things we both did
And I made you cry
Then punched the sky

We let it go on so very long
Pretending that there was nothing wrong
We both moved underground
And forgot about the love we once found

You work your fingers numb
from the break of dawn to the setting sun
I've gone away somewhere
We make a lonely pair

You got your feelings hurt
And now you don't know what would be worse
Living separately
Or just unhappily

There might be something we didn't try
We could talk about the way we both feel inside
Tears might fall, tempers fly
But we might try to get acquainted
Before we say goodbye

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