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Great Awakening


Great Awakening

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Put me in the margins
I heard that is where you set up camp
Pick me out of millions
Place me with the stars inside your tent

Steal me from a status
Name me with the breath that formed my frame
Your words matter to me
You're my truest family

Holy ground in the midst of hostile nations
I want to be your land, land that no one else can have
Set me aside like a garden that you come to rest in
Before I cross the line, from this world to thine
Make me your land

Pull me form the masses
Hunt me with those eyes I've seen in dreams
Bring me out of hiding
Settle down my heartbeat

You wrote me in the story
Just another gentile wild in heart
You fashioned me with glory
Now make me holy as you are

Make me your land
I want to a place where you can rest your head
Make me your land
You can have my heart and you have my hands
Make me your land

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