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Out of Clouds


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Bleeding silence from a sphere behind my soul
Through twisted dreams of a muddled mind
Dismal tears of anguish, loneliness in pain
The emptiness of time once again

Existence of one man - hatred with no end
Out of life
Out of pain
Out of fate
Out of clouds
Blinded by the fear - fear of the blind
Out of life
Out of pain
Out of fate
Out of clouds

A scream across my mind, pierced by the fear
Deep inside my veins grasp at my existence
Blinded by the light, darkness climb through
Another live just begun, never see the sun

You never see the sun again
A spawn of evil and fire
Tears fall like rain from the sky
Your heart was pounding fast
I rise from the depth of soul
A vision of disaster
Let me regain control of your mind

The weakness takes control
Spoiled blood in veins
Sunken in dark shadows
Captured by illusion
Released from this nightmare
Let me wake up to find


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