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Persecute the way to kill
Seeds of poison in my will
Fallen angels burn the spheres
Until i fall asleep
Everything seems so real
Nightmares in my head
Show the way of speechless life

Wake up for the moment
Deserve a fearless mind
Once in a lifetime to kill

Break the faceless silence
Escape from your prison
They all will die, this is your will

This is your will - bleed for my sins
This is your thoughts - war inside my head

Clouds of black shadow the head
Taking my feelings away
Endless darkness sets it free
Struggle the night, suffer again

Ignite the shadows from the dark
Flashing through my mind
I will learn to resist
Bring them down to fail

There are thorns above my head
Clouds of dark hear the chains
Into the night a demon rise
Start you run to kill

My hate grows up,
Run through my veins
Feel the blood of enemy's life
Pull the might my hallow eyes
It's your fucking turn to die

Let me feel the urge
Is driving me insane
Push my to the edge of hell

Create a slave of fear
With all my strength inside
The time will come again to smile

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