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Goodmorning, Gorgeous

Nature vs Nuturne

Goodmorning, Gorgeous

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Take pride
I am the body
I am the body
I've been carefully created
And violently destroyed
I've been brought up by friends
And family filling voids
I am the body of a tangled come up

Modeled by society and the many others just like me
And I've been handed down these traits
Courage of my father along with the evoking
Emotion and sensible reason of my mother
This was the frame of me before beginning my walk
Buck m/
That was the frame of me

And with my hands they watched me build
And with my hands they watched me overthrow it all
Up coming of new things
Experiences I will always carry with me
Some for the worst but I would never
Take back anything, anything
Made my mistakes and learned to grow

Shed some tears enlightening myself on what truly mattered
Finding beauty in the smallest of things
Living in the moment constantly telling
Myself never get caught in it
Never get caught in it

I've made my mistakes and leaned to grow
With their love and all my strength I've grown to what I am
And always take pride in everything you have become
Take pride in everything you have become

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