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Goodmorning, Gorgeous

Naive Youth

Goodmorning, Gorgeous

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(The eyes) the eyes of the wicked are upon you my dear.
The friends you have chosen and the moves
You've made have landed you here
You had room to improve yet still followed foolish ways
Don't begin to act like you had no idea
They've watched your greed rise
The eyes of the wicked are on you
An attempt to cover your tracks will be failed
Where are your so called friendsnow

They're watching you burn
There's a fault in your line between right and wrong
This is a calling hoping to reach a deeper side of you
An eye opener to make you reconsider your priorities and attitude
Because right now I want nothing to do with these movements
You think everything is going to be handed to you
Well check your heartbeat and realize

You're just like the rest nothing more nothing
Less but be certain that you're leaning on the edge
Everyone one is so quick to judge off ones image
Basing their opinion on what's simply seen
You have no problem stopping and watching someone struggle
And the moment you fall you're begging for a helping hand
Well no one is here for you
So scream, so scream

How's that's expensive taste look while on your back
Am I speaking a dead language or are you just that full of it
Watch your actions as they inflict with the ones surrounding
I understand where you want to be but all
Your visions came from avidity powering selfishness
Now you'll feel your dishonestly coming back
Around and back biting misleading

Self image, self destruction this was
All accomplished because of your ways
They are giving you a chance to make up
And call out all of your mistakes
This voice is not only for me to hear
It's for a better tomorrow and to influence a better peer

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