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Goodmorning, Gorgeous

In Us We Trust

Goodmorning, Gorgeous

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This has been weighing down my heart.
Fighting for a dream that could cost me loss of my family and friends.
Left wondering if they figure I'd amount to something.
Yet I've torched a passion that I will pursue.
Devoted: Mind. Body. Soul.
When I lay my head down and take my last breath,
I'll rest easy knowing I gave it my all and that I had nothing left

Refusing to wait and hope for luck.
Hard work and striving will pertain me to where I need to be.
Try and stand in my way and you will find yourself
Left behind with the fakes and the ones who have lied to my face.
Born into this world with almost everyone doubting my dreams,
I'll never see you again, but I'll make sure they see me.
But I swear, I swear that they'll see me

I've always lived this way, this is my passion.
My flame is getting brighter, it's growing higher.
I don't care what you have to say
I'll keep pushing this way.
I will keep living this way.
Through all of the pain and all of the lies
I hope you know I took control of my life.
What's a life without a goal?
I'll reach mine, I'll take what's mine.

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