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Goin' Chassidish


Goin' Chassidish

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Like a mother and a child, like a leaf to a tree,
Like the letter to a book - my soul cleaves onto me.
Whenever i feel down, and i don't know where to turn,
Plagued by depression, my soul it does yearn.

Never! let depression rise! i said never close those eyes.
In tanya page sixty five it says forever lead a joyful life!

Life has its ways, people have their days.
Seems all confusing, depression is just a phase.
The darkest part of night dawns the break of light.
When life begins to end, reach whithin and start again.

It's the spiritual disease. integrity will freeze.
Silent,it creeps into your soul, to swallow your whole.
Sinking deeper and deeper within trapped in the prison of sin.
Time has come to break your self out. so let my hear you shout!

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