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Goin' Chassidish

Goin' Chassidish

Goin' Chassidish

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I'm going Chassidish, I started speaking Yiddish,
I'm going Chassidish today!
I'm going Chassidish, I'm going to make a Kiddush,
I'm going Chassidish today!

I'm part of a gang of some really hip Jews.
I make a L'chaim on a barrel of booze.
I have a really cool way to serve my G-d.
The name of my gang is called Chabad!

I'm feeling holy, 'cause I'm growing my beard,
Some people tell me that it's kind of weird.
But this is my style, and this is my way,
And if you don't like, well have a nice day!

Early morning, I'm up in a flash.
Into Mikvah is where I splash.
Somethimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold,
In the Mikvah i dip until I'm old!

I have this think I do when I'm bored,
Asking strangers if they know about the l-rd.
We learn some Torah, wrap some Tefilin too,
I'm doing Mivtzoim on every single Jew!

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