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Goin' Chassidish

Do the Mikvah Dip

Goin' Chassidish

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Catch you later, late for seder,
gonna take off all my kleider.
Mikvah's hot - cholent pot.
It's the dip I like a lot.
Take off my sock; take off my shoe,
Mikvah's made for every Jew.
Start your day with somethink cool,
It's a Mikvah, not a pool.

C'mon everybody, do the Mikvah dip.
The floor's a little slimy so please don't slip!
If you get thirsty, just take a sip.
C'mon everybody, do the Mikvah dip1

Catch the chatter; chop a schmooze,
Mikvah's where you'll hear the news.
Alter kakers, yunger leight -
Oh my gosh! What a sight!
Lost my towel, take a chance;
Wipe my face, on my friend's pants.
Take a shower - maybe not.
You'll stay clean - the water's hot.

Do the dip, do the dunk,
Now you're pure, before you stunk.
Recharge your soul, that's the goal,
Get your dose of pure Bittul.
Says do not dive on the wall,
Just too bad the sign's too small.
Every day is somethink new,
Except the water...it's older then you!

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