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God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl tem o estilo Indie e suas músicas de sucesso são: "God Help the Girl (tradução)", "Funny Little Frog (tradução)", "Act of The Apostle".

398 acessos

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  1. A down and dusky blonde
  2. Act of The Apostle
  3. Baby You're Blind
  4. Come Monday Night
  5. Funny Little Frog
  6. Funny Little Frog (tradução)
  7. God Help the Girl
  8. God Help the Girl (tradução)
  9. He's a Loving Kind of Boy
  10. Hiding 'neath my umbrella
  11. Howard Jones Is My Mozart
  12. I Dumped You First
  13. I just want your jeans
  14. I'll have to dance with Cassie
  15. I'm In Love With The City
  16. I'm Not Rich
  17. If you could speak
  18. Mary's Market
  19. Musicians, Please Take Heed
  20. Perfection as a Hipster
  21. Pretty eye in the tub
  22. Pretty When The Wind Blows
  23. The Psychiatrist Is In

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