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Glen Lentz

Ain't Life Grand

Glen Lentz

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Constant misery;
not too plain to see;
then you Fuckin' die
Go to fuckin' school;
go to fuckin' work; pay your fuckin' bills
Sick of fuckin' school;
sick of fuckin work;
fuck my God damn bills
Trapped like a fuckin' rat;
freedoms' a fuckin' joke;
nothings' ever yours

Ain't it grand

Live for your fuckin' girl;
watch her fuckin' leave;
paddling up shit creek
Fight with your fuckin' Mom;
fight with your fuckin' Dad;
search for who you are
Get beat up everyday;
find shitty friends to make;
stab you in the back
After the fuckin' day;
after being fuckin' raped;
find a way to say

Ain't it grand

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