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Girl Wreck

Beautifuly Crazy

Girl Wreck

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She plays drums and writes poetry
She's interested in how serial killers think
She only smokes when she drinks
And she needs the sound of a fan 2 sleep
And she hates the color red
And wonders if it's exactly what Jesus said
She thinks the meaning of life is death
And were all just killin' time till then

And she hates everything about tv
Except for Court TV,Fairly Odd Parents,Funny movies
And she only dances and sings when she cleans
She hums Jingle Bells when it's 95 degrees
And right before bed a big glass of Diet Pepsi
And when she sleeps she covers her ear
But doesn't cover up her feet

* She's beautifuly crazy
Like a child chasing lighting bugs then murdering
She's beautifuly crazy
Like a killer finding God in steel and concrete
She's beautifuly crazy
The potato chip that no one eats cause the face of Jesus they see
She's beautifuly crazy
But she makes perfect since 2 me

She counts the lines and patterns on things
She speaks her mind dont give a damn what you think
She cuses like a sailor at sea
And she writes about a killer when she can't sleep

And she wanted 2 study law
And she likes her pop corn with extra,extra,extra salt
She's got a tattoo she wants taken off
And she hates if you pop in with no warning call

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