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Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Gerard Way tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Zero Zero", "Brother", "Juarez".

204 acessos

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  1. Action Cat
  2. Baby You're a Haunted House
  3. Brother
  4. Bureau
  5. Casting Shadows
  6. Dasher (feat. Lydia Night)
  7. Don't Try
  8. Drugstore Perfume
  9. Falling In Love Will Kill You
  10. Get The Gang Together
  11. Getting Down The Germs
  12. Hazy Shade Of Winter (feat. Ray Toro)
  13. How It's Going To Be
  14. Into The Cave We Wander
  15. Juarez
  16. Maya The Psychic
  17. Millions
  18. No Shows
  19. Piano Jam
  20. Pinkish
  21. Professional Griefers (feat. Deadmau5)
  22. Television All The Time
  23. Zero Zero

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